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logoduet A basic introduction to DUET solution and more about last release (2.0) because we could not find many many documentation about and feedback give wrong way for some projects. I will try to explain basic about this solution and my experience with DUET, what we can do and what we cannot do. This post will be first post about this subject and i will probably do another post with more details. Ok, let’s go!

1) DUET 2.0 ?

Duet entreprise for Microsoft SharePoint and SAP Server is product developed by SAP and Microsoft and give some interoperability between SharePoint and SAP. DUET give us the power to consume and extend some SAP Process directly in SharePoint 2013 and outlook 2013. But, you cannot do everything with DUET. One issue is to see DUET like a .NET connector. For me this need to be defined in Add-on category and not Connector. Well, this product can be solution for some companies who need it depending of the need. One advice i can give you is to analyse all product on the market and prepare small POC. Ok now we will see DUET Architecture a little bit to understand what going on

2 ) DUET Architecture

duetarchi DUET is “Add-on” like which must be installed on SAP environment but also on SharePoint environment. but why? The root cause is the usage of authentication and communication process. In fact, DUET will provide SSO feature without deploying any third party component in your setup. DUET will use Secure Store Service to setup trust between your SharePoint farm and your SAP environment using certificates exchange. When this thing is done, you will be able to exchange some information between your both system and interact directly in SAP from SharePoint screens. Another reason is DUET is totally integrated in SharePoint, for data exchange it use BCS (Business Connectivity Service) which do data exchange and keeping lock on data.

2 ) DUET Installation

DUET will install many things on your SharePoint farm and SAP system. In SharePoint side, DUET installation nned to be done on app servers. The install process will copy some assemblies and executable like ‘duet-config.exe’ which will be used for configuring DUET. This post is just to introduce, i will not specify all installation procedure this is not the goal. I suggest you to wait next post about this subject. In SAP side, you need to create environment type Gateway which will interact with all your SAP Servers and SharePoint.(please have look on the scheme below) This installer wil install some components in both side to manage communication, authentication and web service features. When your installation is finished, you need to configure DUET user duet-config.exe via command promptcd C:\Program files\Duet Enterprise\2.0\DuetConfig.exe -install. After installation finished you need to create high trust between you SAP Gateway and you sharepoint farm user secure store service and exchanging certificate between the both environments. in sharepoint you will find it in administration centrale > Application Management > Manage Service Applications >Secure Store Service Application. You need to ‘Generate new key’ if not done yet and then go in administration central > Security > Establish trust relationship and provide certificate provided by your SAP Team to configure the trust.

3) Features

  • Read, edit data using standard sharepoint features to save it in SAP
  • Many webparts included in DUET
  • Approbation workflow only
  • External lists
  • Documents libraries

4) FAQ

Is it possible to install DUET by script ? Yes, you can write powershell script to install and configure it Can i install DUET 2 on SharePoint 2016? No, this is not supported in SharePoint 2016, you must have 2013 farm. I got solution and i would like to read and edit data via our screens Yes you can using BCS but data model will be huge and better to use connector to manage that.