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Hello everyone,

Today small post about installation of Sharepoint 2016 Preview. More post coming about that, testing, comparing…Of course this is an preview but we can discover some new features 🙂

To start here is my virtual machine configuration:

  • Windows Server 2012 R2 with update x64
  • SQL Server 2014 ent x64
  • SharePoint 2016 Preview

You can download SharePoint 2016 Preview from this link:

Edit: Sharepoint 2016 RC is available for now, so you can follow same procedure by downloading this new release. See post about « SharePoint 2016 RC is available »

Licence key: NQTMW-K63MQ-39G6H-B2CH9-FRDWJ

First configuration

Your  machine need to be installed with Windows Server 2012 R2 and you have to activate « Active directory domain services » feature via server manager -> Add role

After that, you have to create service accounts for Sharepoint, SQL and give needed authorizations to your accounts on SQL Databases (DB_owner, DB_securityadmin).

SharePoint 2016 Preview Installation

To start, we need to install prerequisites for SharePoint, of course you will need to restart your machine one of 2 times during this operation. So be patient 🙂

Click on « install software prerequisites »



Installation screen display all required software to be installed, no surprise for the moment,


Click on continue and be patient. during this process; server can restart one or two times.


When install finished, we got list of installed components.Just check if there is no error on any components.


As SharePoint 2013, launch SharePoint 20166 install


You know, you need to be patient for that 😉 take cup of coffee 🙂


When installation has been finish, you just have to open SharePoint wizard like previous version to create a farm.



As you can see on the picture below, something changed contrary to previous version. We cannot install SharePoint in Standalone mode. It mean, SharePoint install do not have embedded SQL installation anymore, so you have to complete installation of sql server edition before.


For the rest, it’s the same as previous version of SharePoint.Simple…


Ok now we are ready, we got all Sharepoint stuff. Let’s go to have look on SharePoint Central Administration


On SharePoint Centrale Administration, top bar changed and look like office 365 now but for the rest it look like the same.


I created team site, the design and feature look like the same.


For the moment installation process is finished and this is the end of blog post. i will write post more specifically for new features, new components integrated in SharePoint 2016 later.

Have nice discover of this new release and have nice SharePoiting 🙂